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Eating is pleasurable...  Eating is social...  Food provides energy... 

Food deserves attention.


What we eat, the amount we eat and how we eat all influence our health. It's becoming apparent, in the light of recent scientific evidence, that the food we consume can even directly influence the health of our children.




We are surrounded by food, constantly being tempted. Eating habits are difficult to alter. The easily available information concerning a healthy diet is often contradictive and confusing.


A dietitian is trained to give nutritional advice and support respecting your choices and life-style. All ages can consult me with questions concerning nutrition during health and illness. 



You can contact me via e-mail.  I'm also available at the following telephone number during office hours: 06-38036119.


And for busy workaholics without a specific medical condition

No time to pay a visit but you'd still appreciate a nutritional assessment? Make use of the Home Check. Please contact me for further information.